Oven Wall Thermometer - 250mm

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The Essential Brick Pizza Oven Build Accessory.

Our Stainless Steel Oven Wall Thermometer is perfect for gauging the internal temperature with the door open.

We recommend you install this gauge at the rendering stage of your oven build, inserting a well-oiled straw or dowel before-hand - into the mortar joint of your bricks between rows 3 and 4 - perpendicular to the dome so that the gauge can be flush mounted in the Perlite Render.
We do not recommend inserting the actual gauge until the rendering stage, in order to prevent any damage throughout the build.

Accurate to 550°C

Also available in a Thermowell Set


More Details:

Face Dial – 83mm (outer diameter)
250mm length probe, 5mm diameter thickness
Thread allowance 15mm

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