Ceramic Fibre Blanket 3.6m

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MEASUREMENTS - 3600 x 610 x 25 (MM)

Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a soft high temperature insulation material, commonly used in the steel, cement and glass processing industries. It’s made from high strength spun ceramic fibres, which are needled together into a firm, pliable blanket. Rated to a maximum service temperature of 1100°C, our ceramic fibre blanket is perfect for insulating kilns, forges and of course, Pizza Ovens. 

Please note that it is not designed for exposure to direct flame, and must be installed behind a lining such as firebrick or metal, to prevent it from desiccating and having fibres float around to be inhaled.

Ceramic Fibre blanket can be easily moulded around complex shapes, it is lightweight and has very low thermal conductivity which makes it an excellent insulation material. It can be cut to shape using a blade or scissors, making it easy to apply.

CAUTION: We strongly advise wearing appropriate PPE gear when working with this material.

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