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Oven Tool Set - Essentials Plus! (save $60)
Hand Made in Queensland by Australian blacksmith, Peter Bergemann, these are the best quality oven tools available. The tools are made with beautiful hardwood handles, polished stainless steel, and finished with solid brass screws and rivets. They are a pleasure to look at, and amazing to use.
The Oven Tool Set includes all three tools from the Essentials Set, plus the Pan Hook, to make handling pots and pans easy. Save that gorgeous arm hair from reaching deep into the oven.
Available in two length options of the Round Pizza Peel and Natural Bristle Brush, with the standard length recommended for smaller ovens such as our P85, and the long handle length for larger ovens like our D105 and D130.
Included items:

Round Pizza Peel
Natural Bristle Brush
Coal Scoop
Pan Hook



Standard (Short) Length: up to 1.45m(L)

Long Handle: up to 1.65m(L)

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