Oven Tool Set

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Effortlessly slide and slice those fresh pizzas out of your oven.
Pull pans and heavy roasts around with ease.

Move firewood and coal around without singeing those beautiful arm hairs. 

The handles are made from a dark, dense Australian hardwood. This timber does not burn easily, so it’s the ideal material for oven tool handles. To hang your tools up there is an 8mm thick, polished stainless steel ring at the end of each handle.

The oven tools are hand-made using food grade stainless steel secured to the hardwood handles with 25mm brass screws. 

Included in this set are the following tools:

- Round Pizza Peel with 300mm diameter face:  1230mm / 1360mm length 

- Coal Scoop: 1420mm / 1650mm length

- Pan Hook: 1430mm length

- Natural Bristle Brush 220mm wide, replacable head: 1420mm / 1650mm length

The Standard Handled Oven Tool Set will suit our P85 PreCast Oven, and other small to medium ovens.

The Long Handled Oven Tool Set will suit any of our larger Brick Oven Kits, and other wood fired ovens up to 1.3m internal diameter.

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