Refractory Castable

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Refractory Castable is a mixture of Calcium Aluminate Cement (Ciment Fondu) and graded refractory aggregates; effectively, it’s premixed refractory concrete. Just add water and mix thoroughly, then trowel or pour into place. 

Once set, our dense refractory castable has very similar physical characteristics to fire brick. It has almost the same density, thermal conductivity and compressive strength as the fire brick, but it can be poured or trowelled into place, filling awkward gaps that would be very difficult to fill with bricks. 

You can also use our dense refractory castable for building the entire dome of a Wood Fired Oven; build a form using sand or similar, and trowel the castable into place over this form. We recommend mixing stainless steel reinforcing fibres through the castable, to give the cured castable higher tensile and shear strength.

Our castable comes in 25kg bags, and when mixed with water each bag makes around 11L volume.

Material Specifications:

Alumina Content: 45%
Bulk Density: 2150kg/m3
Maximum Service Temperature: 1350°C

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