Water Barrier System (P85)

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Waterproofing Kit for Weather Sealing your Small Outdoor Pizza Oven 

If you know your oven will get rained on, then before you start building we recommend that you consider installing our water barrier system.

When rainwater runs down your completed oven dome, it pools on the stand surface and can be drawn in if not well sealed in.

Run the aluminium flashing around the oven perimeter, including the front, and attach it using the 100mm screws, pre-drilling holes in the flashing. Then, seal between the flashing and the stand surface with the high temp silicone.

Kit Contents:

150x0.3mm Aluminium Flashing Strip cut to 4.2m length.
(Ideal for the P85 Pre-Cast Oven Kits.)

300g SikaSeal® High-Temp Rated Silicone Sealant.

For more detailed instructions on this process, watch the below video instructions.

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