Bakers Surface Mop

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For the very best crust on your Wood Fired Pizzas and Breads, you need to cook them without a tray, directly on your fire brick floor.

A quick once-over with a dampened Bakers Surface Mop will help pick up the fine ash, leaving the floor clean and ready to crisp your pizza or gourmet bread loaves to perfection.

It can also be used to lower the temperature of the floor slightly, if the base of your pizza or bread is cooking too quickly.

The handles are made from a dark, dense Australian hardwood. This timber does not burn easily, so it’s the ideal material for oven tool handles. To hang your tools up there is an 8mm thick, polished stainless steel ring at the end of each handle.

The oven tools are hand-made using food grade stainless steel secured to the hardwood handles with 25mm brass screws.

Available in one length.

Measurements (mm): 100(L) X 100(W) X 1610(H)

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