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Weather Guard

Weather Guard

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The latest addition to our range, we welcome aboard the Weather Guard. Designed in-house to fit perfectly over the front of our P85, D95, D105 and D130 Wood Fired Ovens. The Weather Guard is a must have for ovens that are out-doors, engineered to shield the front brickwork and oven entrance, this stainless steel rain guard effectively reduces water ingress into the oven by up to 90%. 

Our Weather Guard offers both functionality and durability. Crafted with precision laser-cut and CNC folded stainless steel sections, it forms a sturdy barrier against rain, protecting your wood-fired oven from potential damage and ensures your oven is working efficiently every time you use it. With its convenient flat-packed design and simple bolt together assembly, keeping your oven dry has never been easier, or looked quite so good!

Please note that if your Wood Fired Oven is being used less than once every three months we would recommend you use a Canvas Cover or heavy duty tarpaulin to fully cover the oven, to prevent excessive water ingress. The Weather Guard will keep the vast majority of rain out of your oven but does not make the oven 100% water-tight, and as such should not be solely relied upon in cases where the oven is rarely used.



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